UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity

UpBuilding Weekend Brochure

(UpBuilding is defined as: to enhance the value of,
inspire with hope, raise to spiritual heights)

A creative, spiritual adventure
that enables men, women, and children
to immediately apply practical Biblical principles.

The Leader of the UpBuilding Weekend is Dr. Ron Rand

Ron is creative and is a superb storyteller! He has an engaging sense of humor and an amazing ability to simplify profound Biblical truths. Ron loves the Lord and he loves God’s people of all ages. His enthusiasm is contagious! Over 30 years of pastoring experience helps fashion his wise insights about life. He is an author, mentor to pastors, and pro sports chapel speaker. In 1989, Ron founded UpBuilding Ministries “to upbuild men, women, and children in practical expressions of their Christian faith.”
“Two things I’ve discovered in my travels,” says Dr. Rand, “People love to have fun and they love to apply God’s Word with relevance to their own life situations. The UpBuilding Weekend enables both to happen for everyone in the church.”

Recommendations from Various Pastors
“It is rare that a ministry can be so multigenerational.” – Dr. Brian Newman, Baptist – Dallas, TX
“My son and daughter made life changing decisions!” – Dr. Bill Beachy, Methodist – Lansing, MI
“We were spiritually uplifted with laughter.” – Rev. Karen Berns, Presbyterian – Pittsburgh, PA
“Even young children participate.” – Rev. Rick Shonkwiler, Church of Christ – Burlington, KY
“People had a genuine renewal of faith.” – Dr. Steve Lovellette, Evangelical Free– Cincinnati, OH
“Everyone from ages 5 to 82 was blessed.” – Carl Buffington, Episcopal – Winter Springs, FL
“Past wounds were healed.” – Dr. Alan Warneke, Assembly of God – Great Falls, MT
“Ron makes the Bible come alive.” – Pastor Keith Knoff, Lutheran – Colorado Springs, CO
“Several came to Christ for the first time.” – Pastor Doug Van Nest, Nazarene – Trenton, OH
“Most profound event in our 20-year history.” – Dr. Bill Moore, Presbyterian – Plymouth, MI

Friday–Sunday Sessions

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