UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity



Biblical UpBuilding is defined as:
to edify, to strengthen, to enhance
the value of,
to promote spiritual growth and development of character.

Since 1989 UpBuilding Ministries has offered creative, practical, and grace focused weekend ministry opportunities for churches of various denominations.

Its Primary Mission is To UpBuild Men, Women and Children in practical ways to express their Christian faith.

Click on each of these 13 Options:

So select an Option, pick a date, and get ready for one of the most positive events your congregation
has ever had! Guaranteed!

Call Ron at 239-850-8324 to discuss possibilities

(See below for descriptions of each Option)

# 1 Building Up the Entire Congregation
Therefore, build one another up. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

THE MOST POPULAR OPTION chosen by churches of various denominations. It offers EIGHT (8) sessions from which people may choose to attend. The focus of each is practical application!

Friday Sessions

Seasoned Saints - Retirees and Senior Citizens
"The Blessings of Being Chronologically Enhanced" - 4:00 - 5:30 pm
Entire Congregation Adults, Singles,Youth, Children 5 years & up
"UpBuilding Everyone in the Family of Faith" - 6:00 - 8:30 pm

Saturday Sessions

Men - Married, Single and Teenage Men
"Building Up My Spiritual Muscles" - 7:30 -11:00 am
Women - Married, Single, and Teenage Women
"Finding Myself in a Good Book" - 1:30 - 4:00 pm
Couples - Married and Engaged Couples of ALL ages
"Discovering How to Lengthen My Love" - 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Sunday Sessions

Church Leaders - Pastors, Staff, Leaders, and Spouses "Impacting Our People Through Prayer" - 1 Hour before Worship
Youth - Junior and Senior High Youth Combined
"Learning The A.B.C.'s of Christianity" - During Sunday School Children - (IF there is a children's time during the Worship Service)
"Seeing How Unique I Am In God's Sight"
Congregation - Worship Attendees
"Staying Up In Down Times"
- 2 Corinthians 1:8-11

Pastors' Comments on UpBuilding the Congregation

"Most significant event in our church's history."-- Bill Moore, Evang. Presbyterian

"My son and daughter made life changing decisons! " -- Bill Beachy, Methodist
"Ron relates to all from ages 4 to 94!." -- Carl Buffington, Episcopal
"Young children recited what was taught." -- Rick Shonkwiler, Church of Christ
"We were spiritually uplifted with laughter!" -- Karen Berns, Presbyterian
"A RARE cross-generational Ministry" -- Brian Newman, Baptist
"Many received a healing of past wounds." -- Alan Warneke, Assembly of God
"Ron has us practice what he teaches!" -- Keith Knoff, Lutheran
"Several prayed to receive Jesus Christ " -- Doug Van Nest, Nazarene
"We had a 'genuine' renewal of faith." -- Steve Lovellette, Evangelical Free
"We were actively engaged in God's Word -- Kyle Canerday, Church of God

#2 Celebrating Our Identity In Christ
Let the Redeemed of the Lord say so...
Psalms 107:2

Most of us define ourselves by worldly standards rather than Wordly statements! There are over 330 Scriptures that describe what God says in His Word about us as His children! This seminar will surprise, absolutely delight, and upbuild all attendees in discovering their true identity! A list of these Scriptures will be given; many meditated upon, and yes, applied! A sure 'winner' to enlighten Youth and Adults of All Ages!

# 3 Grandparenting More Effectively
A faith that dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice.
2 Timothy 1:5

A 'hands-on' approach that allows Grandparents to immediately put into practice 8 Biblical principles that will bless their grandparenting! Topics include: The Positive Effects of a Grandparent's Quality Time, Affirming Words, Scriptural Prayers, Unconditional Love, Creative Teaching, etc. A guaranteed blessing to Grandpas and Grandmas!

#4 Helping Members Tell Their Stories of Faith
Always be ready to explain your faith gently and respectfully.
1 Peter 3:15 NLT

Every follower of Jesus has a unique story to tell. This time-tested training helps members to prepare and to share their own story of faith in positive and practical ways.. It resulted in a tremendous decadal church growth at College Hill Presbyterian Church. Based on Dr. Rand's book: Won By One--Telling Our Friends Our Stories of Faith.. Highly recommended by Church Growth Pioneer, Dr. Peter Wagner. See Link.

# 5 Growing a Praying Congregation
For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all people.
Isaiah 56:7

If Jesus came to your church, would He describe it as
"a house of prayer?" and you as "a praying person?"

This is an insightful and refreshing seminar on prayer. You will not only hear teaching about prayer but actually spend time praying! Topics include: What is prayer? How do I pray? How does God answer prayer? What about unanswered prayer? What about fasting and praying? Using my Bible as a Prayer Book! Ways to pray regularly with my spouse, my family, others, Etc.

# 6 Enjoying the Holy Spirit 101
Be filled and go on being filled with the Holy Spirit.
Ephesians 5:18

For many, the Holy Spirit is a ghost that dwells in the Apostles' Creed! This seminar introduces the Holy Spirit and His Ministry using sound exegesis of Scriptures. It is taught in consultation with the host church's pastor. Topics: The Holy Spirit's Biblical resume. Why He came. Grieving and Quenching. Fruits and Gifts-How they differ. Infilling. Daily leading.Etc. Persons will identify 6 steps to discovering spiritual gifts, describe at least 7 of over 30 titles, and recite 8 aspects of the Spirit's ministry. The Goal is to know and enjoy the Holy Spirit's presence and "to excel in building up the church." - 1 Cor. 14:12

# 7 Discovering Biblical Healing
He sent forth His Word, and healed them.
Psalms 107:20

Divine healing is common in both the Old and New Testaments. There are 15 Hebrew and Greek words pertaining to it. Topics include:5 ways healing occurs. 4 Biblical Time Frames, Is Healing for All? The role faith plays. Dangers to avoid, and The role Scripture gives to some believers (1 Cor.12), all believers (Mark 16), and elders (James 5).

# 8 Learning to Listen with Empathy
Let everyone be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.
James 1:19

Learn and immediately practice 10 communication skills that will impact relationships! A fun time with many illustrations. Topics include: Listening with Empathy, Resolving Conflict, Responding to Negative Words Positively, Dealing with Anger, plus 6 other relationship enhancing exercises. A must for families with teens!

# 9 Making Marriages More Merry
Out of them shall come thanksgiving and the sound of merrymakers.
Jeremiah 30:19

A rewarding experience for couples of ALL ages. Done within an entertaining and non-threatening environment. Great for a retreat setting. Topics include: The Stages of Marriage,The Form of Love I Most Prefer, How to Have a Good Fight, Learning to Listen to One Another, Honey, Let's Pray Together, and What the Bible Really Says About Sex!

#10 Enhancing Family Relationships
"Everything we do, beloved, is for the sake of building you up."
2 Corinthians 12:19


For families that include children 8 years old and up desiring to learn 10 wise communication skills that will impact and upbuild their family relationships! A fun time with many vivid illustrations. Participants not only learn the principles BUT immediately put them into practice with one another during this session!

#11 The FATHERS Team Ministry
"And what you have heard from me before many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also."

2 Tmothy 2:2

The FATHERS Ministry has the longest continual track record of most Men's Ministries today. It began in 1981 as a Team of men holding one another accountable to practice their Christian faith in practical ways. It moves men from information to transformation. Observe for yourself these two videos: youtube.com/watch?v=OgsLAXf2uSQ and its 35th anniversary: vimeo.com/181270665. FATHERS MAKES DISCIPLES! Curriculum available on line. Call 239-850-8324 to obtain it.

# 12. Creating Ministry Alternatives
"For behold, God creates a new heaven and a new earth."
Isaiah 65:17

Dr. Jerry Kirk, Founder of Pure Hope and 40 Day Prayer Covenant., "What a privilege to have served with Dr. Rand in pastoral ministry for over 18 years. I have seen how God has gifted him with creating fresh alternatives in ministry that exalt Christ and lead to significant change in people's lives. I know of no one more creative!
If your congregation desires some new and dynamic approaches to your present ministries, I encourage you to utilize the gift God has given him. Your congregation will be greatly blessed!

# 13. Combining the Above 13 Options
There are varieties of working, but it is the same God who inspires them all.
1 Corinthians 12:6

Churches often invite Dr. Rand for an event that combines 3 or 4 of the above OPTIONS into one UpBuilding event. For example, a Friday evening FAMILY time. A Saturday morning LEADERSHIP TRAINING time; a Saturday afternoon SHARING OUR FAITH TRAINING time; a Saturday evening COUPLES' time and Sunday a Specialized Sermon Subject.

Design your own UpBuilding Weekend experience according to your own particular desire and need!

*** Mentoring Opportunities

Various 'Acrostic' Ministries that the Lord has enabled me in 50 years of ministry to design, develop, disciple and delegate to lay leaders. ALL to the glory of God!

AIDES - (Assistance In Developing Edifying Sermons)

AIM - (Adopting Inactive Members)

BANDAID - (Bringing About New Dimensions After Inactive Decisions)

BIRTHDAY - (Blessings In Remembering To Honor Days And Years) - Creative ways to celebrate member's special days

CHILD - (Common Household Items Leading to Decisions) Evangelism helps for Parents and Grandparents to use in sharing the gospel message with children

FATHERS - (Fathers Accountable To Healthy Enduring Relationships & Spirituality) A practical means of enabling men to become the fathers the Father desires. From this I authored the book For Fathers Who Aren't In Heaven - Regal Press

HELPER - (How to Equip Lay People to Evangelize Regularly) - Friendship faith sharing. From this I authored the book Won By One-Regal Press

GIFTS - (God's Intentions For Tailor-made Service) - Discovering & Using Spiritual Gifts

HOSPITALS - (How to Operationally Serve People In Their Ailing Life's Situations)

INVITE - (Inviting New Visitors Into Tasteful Environments) - Attracting new members

INVITED - (Inter-National Visitors Invited To Eat Dinner) - Building cross cultural relationships with local international people groups without going overseas

KINDNESS - A visitation ministry to residents in the church's neighborhood - (Knock, Introduce, Name, Depart, Note, Express, Situate, and Send)

LEADERS - (Leaders Equipped And Dedicated to Exercise Responsible Service)

LISTENS - (Learning Important Skills To Enhance Natural Sensitivity) - The art of learning how to listen to others with empathy

NAME - (Name All Members Effectively) - How to memorize members' names and faces

PASTORS - (Practical And Special Tips Offering Real Success) - Principles of Pastoring

PILOT - (Pastor's Informational Lunches On Tuesdays/Thursdays) - Time with members!

PRAYER - (Pray Regularly And You'll Experience Results) - Practical training that enables a church to become in reality "a house of prayer" - Isaiah 56:7

MENTORING- (Many Excellent Notions To Obtain Relevant Important Necessary Gains) Sharing pastoral experiences of 44 years including mistakes!

MISSION - (Ministries In Short-term Situations In Other Nations) - Cross cultural times

WORSHIP - (Ways Of Recreating Services that Harmoniously Impact Parishioners) - How to creatively design and develop viable forms of meaningful worship

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