UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity

February 2002 Monthly Letter

Dear Partner In Ministry,

It was Sanctity of Life Sunday. We had just finished an awesome hour and a half time of prayer with about 48 leaders and spouses.

I approached the pastor with two stacks of anonymous comments from the men and women during their individual sessions on the theme of: “What the Lord did for me today . . .”

As I handed them to the pastor, a seven-month pregnant woman surprised me by saying, “That's my paper on the top! I recognize my handwriting.”

I quickly asked “Do you want me to hide it in the pile of the other comments?” “No,” she replied, “Everyone knows my story anyway.”

Here’s what she wrote after a partner prayed portions of Psalms 139 out loud for her:

“The Lord reminded me of how very much He loves me just as I am.

The Psalm 139 prayer touched my heart in a special way. I was adopted as an infant and this Psalm was a constantly powerful reminder that I was not a “mistake” from the actions of two people engaging in relations outside of marriage, but that I was designed and formed in my birth mother's womb by a loving Father Who had a plan and a purpose in His mind for me.”

She went on to tell me that she came to know her birth mother. AND that her mother had actually “crossed the doorstep” of a doctor’s office to abort her BUT for some reason she reconsidered and left the office.

By the way, this vivacious woman is expecting her 9th child in April!

Isn’t our Lord indescribably awesome! Look at what He does as I have the exciting wonder of displaying Psalm 139 on an overhead and asking each woman to pray it for one another by replacing her partner’s name for each pronoun in the passage. This allows God's Word to become personal, alive, and active for each person! Amazing!

Is there a message in this testimony for us? I believe so. I'm certainly “up built” to again realize that God's timing is always masterfully designed AND that He is reliable “in all things to work to a gold-metal-good” even through mistakes.

Thank you for your prayers and support for me, my family and UpBuilding Ministries.


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