UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity

August 2002 Monthly Letter

Dear Partner In Ministry,

“For the Word of God will not return unto Him void.”

This verse reveals the astonishing mystery that “God’s Word is alive and active” — more than printer words on a page or audible words in the air.

But most of all that it has a lasting effect whether we see the effects or not!

Case in point: While on vacation in July, I dialed an 800 customer service number seeking some information.

You’ve experienced this yourself. All the standard procedural questions:
     “what’s your account number?”
          “the last four digits of your social security?”
               “mother‘s maiden name?”
                    “to whom am I speaking?”
                         To which I naturally answered, “Ron Rand.”

The customer service representative responded with, “Ron Rand, eh, you wouldn’t happen to be the Ron Rand that was once a pastor at College Hill Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati, would you?”

Incredibly lost in amazement I sputtered out a “well . . . yes, I am! How do you know me?”

A “Scott” introduced himself and quickly explained that years ago, (I haven’t been at College Hill for 14 years) at the invitation of a friend, he attended a worship service when I was preaching.

“You were preaching from I Peter 5:7 on casting your cares upon Christ and used a fishing pole as a visual aid,” Scott went on to relate, “You said that many times we cast our problems on Christ on Sunday but then reel them in again on Monday. Do you remember that sermon, Mr. Rand?”

“Yes, I do, very well,” I replied.

He went on to say, “That message was extremely timely for me then and it still is. I bought the tape and have listened to it again and again. I keep forgetting that Christ’s caring for me is greater than all my cares, worries, and problems.”

Wow! This takes my breath away! Even now as I type out these words, I am struck with the wonder of God’s Word and its effects. It is alive. It is everlasting! It does not return unto Him void.

Our God uses us as messengers. We are simply mouthpieces for His marvelous Word in spite of all our impurities and imperfections. This is so amazing!

Please, never underestimate the power of God’s Word that resides in your mouth. I encourage you through this letter to speak it with the assurance that it is alive and that He will use it in ways that far surpass our human understanding! Speak it often to those in the sphere of your own influence.

Thank you for caring for me, my family, and for those who are reached through this Ministry.


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