UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity

September 2002 Monthly Letter

Dear Partner In Ministry,

“Choose this day whom you will serve.” — Joshua 24:15

Fourteen years ago I chose to begin a ministry that sought to upbuild men, women, and children in practical expressions of their Christian faith.

Over the years you have witnessed in our monthly letters how this goal has been effectively met through the personal testimonies of those who have chosen to experience our UpBuilding Weekends.

You, too, have chosen to be a partner with us year after year. I greatly affirm and appreciate your faithful choice to serve our Lord and His people through this ministry. God gives us choices to help build our character and to express our love and service to Him and to others.

To show you that I haven’t lost my old acrostic touch, here is a new one that has been impressed upon me through a number of recent and personal experiences. CHOICE

C Choices are daily opportunities for us to grow spiritually!
H His choices. God has chosen many things that affect us, many of which we have no choice about. For instance, He chose who our parents would be; our gender; the color of our skin, eyes, hair, size, etc.
O Others make choices that affect us, again many of which we have little or no choice. For instance, others chose to be on time or not; the speed they drive; how soon to serve us; to express or withhold thanks, to forgive us or not, etc.
I I may not have any choice in what God has chosen OR what Others choose BUT I do have a choice in how I will respond to both God's and Other's choices!

Consequences to my choices. IF I chose to respond with bitterness, than a sour seed of bitterness germinates that soon bears sour fruits of bitterness which sours me, my family, friends, and others in my sphere of influence. HOWEVER, IF I chose to respond as Paul did when in jail with a peace that passes understanding” AND as Jesus did “who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross!” THEN sweet seeds of peace and joy germinate that soon bear sweet fruits of peace and joy which sweeten me, my family, friends, and others in my sphere of influence!

E Every day I must continue to make healthy choices! Or to apply Joshua’s words personally, “Ron, choose this day whom you will serve — bitterness or peace and joy!”

What CHOICES will you make today? Sweet or Sour!

Again, thank you for choosing to serve the Lord through UpBuilding Ministries.


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