UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity

October 2002 Monthly Letter

Dear Partner In Ministry,

“But be doers of the word, and not hearers only . . . he will be blessed in his doing.”
James 1:22 and 25d

Blessings certainly do come to those who act upon what they hear!

You are about to read one of the most incredible testimonies of this biblical truth!

During the session for men at an UpBuilding Weekend, I briefly teach on how important it is for parents, and especially fathers, to affirm their loved ones in both written and verbal form.

Mark 1:11 is the foundation upon which I build. “And a voice came from heaven, ‘You are my beloved Son, with you I am well pleased.’“

I ask the men, “How many of you have a letter from your father affirming you and telling you that he loves you?” Only a few raise their hands. This is followed by a second question: “How many of you would like such a letter?” Every hand comes up!

The men are then instructed to go to tables where there are half sheets of paper (because I know most men are not prolific writers!), pens, and envelopes! I ask them to actually write letters to their family members using Mark 1:11 as an opening comment and to reveal the many things about each member for which they are well pleased.

Ray Cobb, pastor of the Triangle Presbyterian Church in Durham, North Carolina, called me last week to tell me about Jim, a man who attended the men’s session.

Jim was a “doer of the Word” by writing to his wife, three sons, and two daughters-in- law. He affirmed each and revealed in his own hand writing an ‘I love you.’

Each of his family members were soon blessed as they received in the mail his love offerings! BUT the blessings do not end there.

Soon after that, Jim was killed in an auto accident!

His wife, sons, and daughters-in-law continue to be blessed by the half sheets of paper each received as expressions of his undying love.

Jim’s wife phoned Ray and asked him to call me and share what a blessing this “little” exercise of love-letter-writing meant and continues to mean to the family. She said “These letters have helped us through a baptism of a grandchild and a wedding of one of our sons. We carry Jim's love in our hearts in a special way because of the letters.“

Those who are doers are those who are blessed and who bless others in the process!

Thank you for doing your part in supporting this ministry. May this story bless you!


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