UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity

February 2003 Monthly Letter

Dear Partner In Ministry,

Christmas came again on Valentine's Day!

On February 14th I was with over 150 people, mostly children of various ages gathered with their parents, for the Family portion of an UpBuilding Weekend.

One of my teachings is on The Power of Positive Touch from Mark 10:16 — “And Jesus took them in His arms and blessed them, laying His hands upon them.”

Before teaching this, I silently offer up a prayer that Jesus would lead me to choose a 5-6 year old boy and girl that He wants to “take in His arms and bless” through me in the “race car” and the “wash machine” games.

A smiley-faced, vivacious, blonde curly haired girl had caught my eye. I knew she would be a great laughing candidate for the race car time! She would have been my choice! But Jesus had someone else in mind.

Just as I began to teach on this topic, the father of “Blondie” took her out of the room!

My eyes quickly scanned the room. They fell upon a petite red headed girl! Then upon a boy in a T-shirt at the other end of the room. I asked them to come and join me. With some youthful reluctance, they made their way through the crowd, to the front.

I proceeded to demonstrate the race car game with Christmas. As described in the book, For Fathers Who Aren't In Heaven:

“With the child on your lap, tip from side to side, roll back and forth, squeal around curves, and eventually crash in a heap on the floor.”

It was evident that Christmas was having the time of her life — “laughing all the way!”

When the evening ended, her mother told me that “Christmas was recently adopted from a home where there was no positive touch . . . ” and that she “felt that Jesus had blessed Christmas with a divine healing touch through this funny floor game!”

I related to her the above account of what would have been “my” choice and what was now obviously “His” choice. We both marveled at each other's story! Together we praised our Lord for reliving Mark 10:16! Yes, Christmas came on Valentine's Day! It was a Christmas for Christmas!

Thank you, dear partners for your faithful support. Together God is touching the lives of men, women, AND children in healing ways beyond our choices and imaginations!


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