UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity

March 2003 Monthly Letter

Dear Partner In Ministry,

The Gospels record many accounts of Jesus ministering to life’s harsh realities of broken relationships.

Peter’s lack of loyalty; the Samaritan woman’s succession of marriage failures; the Prodigal’s problems at home are but a few.

The following account is a past and present example of how Jesus is continuing His healing power and presence of forgiveness.

It comes from the pen of a pastor who has given me permission to write it; though I have purposely changed all of the family names.

In 2000, Pastor Dan invited me to lead a Weekend. He admittedly was a bit skeptical if a ministry outside of his own denomination could be worthwhile!

He and his family were in for a tremendous surprise!

Prior to coming to this church, Dan had co-led a national ministry with Joan, his first wife. They had two sons, David and Zach. In 1994, Joan announced to the family that she was a lesbian, had a lover, and wanted to end the marriage.

Dan and the sons were devastated! He became deeply depressed, almost left the ministry, and lost 40 pounds. David and Zack were confused and became bitter.

As time passed, Dan met and married Sarah, a widow of a pastor who had committed suicide after being asked to leave his pastorate. She had a daughter, Julie.

During that Weekend in 2000, Jesus’ healing salve touched their hearts. In Dan’s words, “I literally dragged David to the men’s session. There he took a hammer, knelt at a cross, pounded some nails into it, and accepted Jesus’ forgiveness for his sins. He also decided to forgive his mother who had inflicted great pain upon his young spirit. I finally forgive her, too. Prior to that time, I had not the natural ability to do so. Jesus now enabled me to do it.! At the women’s session, Sarah, also experienced a healing from her tumultuous past! Then at the Sunday morning service, Julie prayed to receive Christ!”

Dan now pastors a different church. Recently, I lead a Weekend there. He and David again attended the men’s session. This time, David drove a nail of gratitude for what the Lord had accomplished in his life over the past 3 years. He said to me, “Jesus has now blessed me with a wonderful restoration of relationship with my mother!”

At the Sunday morning worship services there was a great manifestation of the healing power of Jesus. In Dan's words: “Ron gave an invitation to the congregation for people to pray to receive Christ and His healing forgiveness. Nearly 60 people raised their hands for a first time commitment! Twice as many rededicated their lives to serving Him!”

In all my 36 years of pastoral and traveling ministries, I have never seen such a tremendous response! Jesus builds from the cross up! His forgiveness is upbuilding! !


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