UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity

September 2003 Monthly Letter

Dear Partner In Ministry,

Dr. Bill Bright in one of his publications says this about healing: "…a healed heart and a transformed life are far more spectacular than a straightened hand or restored sight."

This is the theme of this month's letter as revealed in the verbatim testimonies received after two recent UpBuilding Weekends.

A man from Indianapolis who came to the cross with three nails and pounded each side by side with great force, said:

"The question is: What did I receive from this Weekend? Bottom line: healing of three deep wounds in my heart!

My wife and I have had three miscarriages. After each, my anger against God was intensified! Also, the confusion with my theology also intensified! How could I as a Christian admit to myself and to other believers that I had a growing hardness of heart toward God!

Today I finally dealt with it at the cross. I was the last man to pound my nails! It took courage to come before my Heavenly Father who has denied me the joy of being a father!

I released my anger. The three clustered nails stand in memory of the three children that God has taken from us. We don't understand why. Understanding would not make it seem fair. I released my anger toward God. He released a healing peace that pervaded my heart and that I DO NOT yet understand…but experienced then and I still am!

The second testimony is from a young woman from Minnesota who buried some issues from the past in shallow pit near the garbage containers in back of the church.

"Today I experienced a miracle! About five years ago, I started to do drugs (methanphetamine) pretty heavy. Spending all my money — about $200–$300 a week on drugs.

Last January I started dating a married man and became pregnant. As I look back, it was "someone's" way of saving me from drugs. I stopped for sake of the baby I am now carrying.

Though the drugs stopped, the self-condemnation increased daily! It has been at times unbearable! I felt trapped! Imprisoned by guilt and shame. And, my lover abandoned me!

Today God spoke to me through your voice! The teaching on Romans 5:8-that God proved His love for me even while I am a sinner — penetrated my heart (and I believe the baby's too)!

The time of burying my sinful past at the pit was more than a symbol of Jesus' burying my sins with His burial. It was a personal miracle! Today I was 'delivered' four months before the delivery time of my child! I know I will still have to face the consequences of my past choices, but I can do 'all things through Jesus', who loves me unconditionally!"

Thank you for your part in bringing God's inward healing to broken hearts!


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