UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity

July/August 2004 Monthly Letter

Dear Partner In Ministry:

One question I ask people at every UpBuilding Weekend is: "Who pastors your pastor?"

Not only do I ask this question but give several practical suggestions to consider as possible ways to answer it.

During the Sunday morning worship service(s) I give one concrete way for both youth and adult to "pastor their pastor."

Prior to the worship service, small posit-notesā are fastened to the front of each worship guide. During the announcement time I request the congregation to use the notes to jot down a sentence or two of affirmation regarding their pastor.

I explain that following the service when the pastor is standing by the door, that we will play "plaster the pastor!" Each person has the opportunity of taking the note and "plastering" it on the pastor's suit or dress or placing it in his/her hands!

This turns out to be a special time of fun and frivolity! But consider what the Lord did through this simple yet profound experience!

A pastor phoned me on a Monday morning with this story:

"You were unaware of what has happened in this congregation over the past few years. I've had great difficulties with an associate pastor. My leadership was always questioned.

A frequent and favorite phrase of his was; 'If I were pastor, this is what I would have done!' I knew whenever I went on vacation or to a conference, seeds of discord would be sown and some of them would take root!

Finally, the elders bit the bullet and dealt with the situation. They asked him to leave. He did. However, my own self-confidence was shaken. I began to question any affirmation of me. Was it really sincere?

Yesterday after lunch I came to my office. I began reading the posit-notes. After 6 or 8 I began to get teary-eyed. After a few more, I began to cry. I got up and shut the door to my office and continued to read them one by one. Soon I was weeping!

Ron, my spirit had become so dry! Each of these notes was like rain drops of God's love that were falling on parched ground! It was like sitting in the rain. I let it pour! After some time (about 168 notes' worth) I broke into songs of praise!

This one simple event has changed my outlook on ministry. Thank you. I so badly needed it. The Lord knew this; you didn't, but He sure used you to pastor me, a needy pastor!

Is there a specific way you can pastor the pastor of your church? If so, please do it!


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