UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity

April 2005 Monthly Letter

Dear Partner in UpBuilding others,

We often hear about God's mighty moving among the masses, millions, and mega churches, but what about His concern for just one individual?

Doesn't Jesus speak about leaving the ninety-nine and going after the one?

In January I was leading an UpBuilding Weekend in Canada. At about 4:30 on Saturday afternoon when I was driving back to the home where I was staying, I sensed an inward prompting to sing a chorus from a certain song at the end of the sermon on Sunday morning.

The song is, I Know the Master of the Wind. It's one of Gaither's, The chorus ministered to my hurting heart during the 90's when I had lost my sister, mom, dad, sister-in-law, and father-in-law.

The words of the chorus are: "I know the Master of the wind. I know the Maker of the rain. He can calm the storm, make the sun shine again. I know the Master of the wind!"

Now I admit, I do like to sing, but solo? No way! And without accompaniment to help keep me on key and to cover my floating ranges? No way! I knew this prompting was not of me but the Lord!

Sunday came. I preached on "Staying Up in Down Times" and sat down on the front pew. The pastor began to close the service. I realized I had not sung the chorus! What was I to do?

I jumped up. Walked quickly to the pastor. Interrupted him. Whispered my dilemma in his ear and requested to sing the chorus. He agreed. I sang and then returned to my place on the front pew.

The pastor went over to the piano, sat down, and began to repeat the tune, playing by ear, and requested the people sing the chorus again; then again; 6 times in all. During the 3rd time, all of a sudden the words to the chorus appeared on the power point screen in front of the sanctuary! Someone from the sound control booth had found the words and quickly displayed them!

The pastor then invited any person who was 'going through a down time' to come up front for prayer. Many did. After a time of prayer, a woman came to me visibly shaking and said:

"I have been angry at God. In fact, so angry that I haven't come to this church for many years. This morning I said to God, 'Okay, I'll give You one more chance. I'll go to church and see if anything happens'. When you sang that chorus, the Lord spoke to me. He reminded me that it was the first song I soloed when I used to sing in the choir! Can you believe this!" "

Now I know why God had me sing that chorus. He planned it just for you!" I responded. I led her in a prayer of wonder, thanksgiving, and recommitment of her life. Afterwards, I asked her to share her story with the pastor as a praise-the-Lord-testimony! A few weeks later I called the pastor and he related that she was again actively involved in the life of the flock!

Look back at the wonders of God: my forgetting to sing; interrupting the pastor; then singing a solo; and how many pastors do you know who play the piano-and then by "ear"? the power point display (this is not a familiar song!), the woman's past experience and present challenge to God!

This says to me that our good Shepherd graciously cares about one as well as a multitude!

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