UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity

May 2005 Monthly Letter

Dear Partner in UpBuilding ONE by ONE!,

Would you please explain this one to me? That is apart from the direct work by the Holy Spirit! This couldn't happen even if made up in a Hollywood script!

Psalms 32:8 says, "I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go." The Hebrew word for teach (yaw-raw) means "to direct the flow, to instruct, to point."

God had recently blessed the start of an UpBuilding Weekend with the Seasoned Saints! They were so enthused that they began calling others in the church family, sharing the blessings that had occurred, and inviting them to attend the evening session for Families that includes children.

Attendance swelled. The session had to be moved to a gym. In the process the table with the nametags got displaced. Only about 5 persons of the 200 plus people made nametags.

One principle I teach is How to Handle Unkind Words from Job 22:22 "Receive instruction from God's mouth, and lay up His words in you heart." I call for an adult volunteer to join me.

From way in back of the gym a young man literally shot up with raised body and right arm fully extended! I obviously noticed him and called him forward. When he arrived, I noticed his nametag. On it was written "STUPID" in bold capital letters!

"Excuse me," I said, "but what is your real name?" "Joshua," he replied. I called for a new nametag and wrote on it the word, "Courageous."

I said, "Joshua, God said to Joshua in the Old Testament to be courageous as he was about to leave the past and go into some new places. I don't know what prompted you to write 'stupid' on your nametag, BUT I am prompted to write 'courageous' on this one. From now on you shall be called 'Joshua-Courageous!'"Everyone spontaneously clapped and shouted "Hurrah!"

I proceeded to teach on the principle of dealing with unkind words and role-played with Joshua. When finished, he returned to be with his family.

The evening ended with families gathered in small circles passing a candle and saying affirming words to one another. It is a wonderful, intimate time that is always a special blessing to all.

Joshua's family was the last to leave. They came to me and stated how God was at work in their lives this evening. Joshua had missed by 4 credits passing on to the next grade with his friends. He was feeling _ _ _ _ _ _ because of it! Mom, dad, brother, and Josh all felt that the Holy Spirit had directed what had happened! Joshua's first nametag was a reflection of the deep pain in his heart for his school failure. It was removed! I celebrated with them and we closed in joyous prayer.

Four days later a former pastor of that church called. He had heard what had happened. He said. "I am calling to say that God's work in Joshua's life goes much deeper than the school failure. Several years ago Joshua did a foolish thing that resulted in the impairment of his brother's eyesight in one eye. I counseled him about it. He indeed felt stupid. God was doing things far beyond what you knew. He directed your time with Joshua. I believe it was a divine encounter."

Well, Yaw-raw, yaw-raw! Thank you for the faithful support you have directed toward UpBuilding Ministries. I pray that God will direct your lives in the direction of His blessings for you!

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