UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity

November 2005 Monthly Letter

Dear Partner in the Mysteries of the Holy Spirit,

Isaiah 11:6 states, "...and a little child shall lead them."

Recently at the UpBuilding session for families, a remarkable thing occurred! It happenend during the closing moments when each family unit huddles in a tight circle.

Ephesians 4:29 ("Let only words come out of your mouth which up build one another.") is flashed on the overhead screen. A brief teaching follows.

Each family receives a lit candle. The room lights are extinguished. Instructions are given for each family member to affirm one another by passing the candle to each other family member, speaking "only words which up build or affirm that person" as the candle is passed.

A family of five began to do so. It included Bob, the dad, Suzie, the mom, Bobbie, Jr., who is 5, David,3,and one year old baby, Andrew.

Bobbie, Jr. impressed me as being extremely precocious as I sat with his family during supper. His vocabulary, mannerisms, and expressive gestures convinced me that he was really a "small adult."

He wanted to start the affirming process by giving the candle to him mom, Suzie. As he passed it ot her he said, "Mommy, I want to thank you for allowing me to be born to you. And thank you for choosing Bob to be your husband 'cause he's my best friend."

Now there is nothing too startling about that, is there? Well, at the end of the evening, Bob and Suzie came to me and shared "The Rest of the Story!"

Suzie softly stated: "Bob and I began dating in 1999. I got pregnant and decided to terminate the fetus. Bod was vehemently opposed. But I was determined and made an appointment to do it.

I knew it was wrong, but I also knew that I could face this sin privately with Jesus for the rest of my life rather than publicly face the life-long shame I would bring to me, my family, friends, and church.

The abortion clinic stated it would cost $750.00 and that only cash or a cashier's check would be accepted. At that time, I was $51.00 short and postponed it until I could muster up that amount.

Not long after that, I felt the baby move in my womb! Something came over me--mabye a mother's instinct OR the prompting of the Holy Spirit within me--and I could not go through with it. Bob was greatly relieved. We were married shortly after this.

We have never told Bobbie about this so there was no way he was aware of what he was saying as he passed the candle to me.

Tonight when he said what he did, it was like the Holy Spirit was speaking through his voice, giving him the exact words to say! Bob and I were, and still are, quite stunned. We were in the very presence of the Holy Spirit!

Do you see what happens when people are given the opportunity to apply the Living Word of God?

One key distinguishing feature of UpBuilding Ministries is that each person not only receives sound Biblical teaching BUT also is given a means of applying it, AND look what happens! Praise be to the Lord!

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of being an able applicator of God's Word!







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