UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity

February 2006 Monthly Letter

Dear Partner in Spiritual Obstetrics!

"For the Word of God lives and energizes" Hebrews 4:12a

On August 9th our first granddaughter, Haven Bella Rand, was born to Nate and Nonie. They gave us the gift of observing her weekly development in the womb via a web site that specializes in exhibiting the various stages of growth.

How awesome and amazing to see God's Spirit at work as expressed in Psalms 139:13, "For You (God) formed my inward parts; You knit me together in my mother's womb."

My January letter announced that the Lord has been speaking to me about "rekindling the gift of evangelism" (2 Timothy 1:6) that He gave me so many years ago. I have sought to be obedient.

The weekend following Oak Hurst, California evidenced another tremendous outpouring of God's Spirit. At Monaca, Pennsylvania, I again observed during the three Sunday worship services the "new birth'" experience for many-16 in one service, 15, and 14 in the others.

In a recent letter, the pastor enthusiastically exclaimed:

"What I will always remember is the congregation's response in worship. The Spirit of God was touching lives in a way we had not seen in some time. Forty-five people either committed their lives to Jesus Christ or rededicated their lives to Him!

God blessed Ron with ability to sense where people are in their faith and then speak to those needs. At our three worship services he preached three 'different" messages, yet with the same response. We praise God for His harvest."

I had the privilege of visiting with many of those who were "born anew and of the Spirit." This testimony highlights the experience for a mother of three boys.

I am a native of the Philippines, grew up as a Roman Catholic, and had little personal exposure to and experience with the Bible.

My husband and I have been attending this church for about 9 months. Our three boys are in Awana (a youth ministry that involves each youth in Scripture memory.) Each week I have been helping our sons memorize their Bible verses.

I now see that God has been speaking to me through His Word each week and that I have been growing spiritually little by little, like a baby developing in the womb.

Today when I prayed to receive Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, it was like I was being birthed from this spiritual womb. Today is, like you said, 'my spiritual birthday.' It all came together for me. It all makes sense. I now understand His plan of salvation. I was reborn today. I am His daughter!

I wish all of you partners in Ministry could have been there to observe this "delivery" time! To repeat a line above, "How awesome and amazing to see God's Spirit at work."

Thank you for your enabling prayers and financial support. Your spiritual obstetrician!

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