UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity

March 2006 Monthly Letter

Dear Fishin' Partners!

"And Jesus said to His disciples, 'Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some fish.' So they cast, and they were not able to draw it in because of the multitude of fish.: John 21:6

I am seeking to obey what the Lord has impressed upon my heart---to go fishin'!

These two letters were sent to me this past week. A Methodist pastor from Michigan composed one as a recommendation to other pastors in his district. The other one came from the Christian Education committee chairperson at a Presbyterian church as part of her report to a church leader.

"After bringing the message entitled "The Place of Grace" at our two Sunday morning worship services, Dr. Ron Rand gave an invitation to the congregation to receive God's gift of grace through Jesus Christ. Those praying to receive Jesus Christ were asked to raise their hand to signify their response.

Nearly 50 people indicated their first time commitment and twice that many indicated the rededication of their lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ by standing in their place.

We had invited Dr. Rand to train our leaders and membership to effectively share our faith with others. On Sunday we saw what he taught put into practice! What a vivid example! This experience of the Holy Spirit's working greatly impacted our entire congregation. --- Pastor Bill

"During the UpBuilding session for women, three women sitting next to me prayed to receive Jesus Christ for the first time in their lives. Even though all our heads were bowed and our eyes were closed, I know that several others also prayed.

I say this because of the length of time it took Ron to walk around and individually light the candles of those who raised them as an outward sign that they inwardly received Jesus Christ

Rarely have I heard the gospel of salvation presented so simply and symbolically. What a precious moment to personally experience such a response. I felt that we not only witnessed the birthing of spiritual babies BUT we were in the presence of a nursery full of newborns! --- Susan

Thank you for your prayers which always move the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of those in need of beholding their Savior. Thank you, too, for your monetary contributions that enable this Ministry to proceed unhindered in its call to upbuild others in practical applications of the Christian faith! n!

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