UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity

June 2006 Monthly Letter

Dear Partner in Ministry,

Dr. Erwin Goedicke, a pastor friend states "UpBuilding Ministries differs from many renewal ministries in that each person puts into action what is taught!' Because of this I saw one of Jesus' brothers! It was about 7:50 p.m. on March 31st at the Family Session at a Methodist church in Baldwin, PA.

I taught on the 7 Most Important Words to Say to Guard Relationships: I was wrong, will you forgive me? Afterwards everyone role-played saying those words. Then Jesus' brother appeared! His name-tag said "Rich." He sat on the front row; was middle aged; slightly bald; wore glasses; and a good Weight Watchers candidate. Suddenly, he got up, walked over to the pastor, knelt, and spoke in muffled tones. I couldn't distinguish his words but I observed the pastor and heard his responses. First he nodded; then spoke quietly, "Yes, it did affect me. I forgive you." They stood and embraced with tears trickling down their cheeks. Rich returned to his seat with a smile that would have lit up a darkened room!

Afterwards, I remarked to Rich, "It looks like you had a special time with your pastor. "Yes," he said, "and would you like to know what happened?" With growing curiosity I said, "Yes!" Here is what he said:

"I led a men's mission trip to Gulf Port after Katrina. Other churches joined us. One of the pastors driving a van with six of his men pulled off the road, shifted into park, and died of a heart attack! My pastor confided in me that he was suppose to lead the service that night. He was shaken by the death of this pastor who was a friend. What would he say? I knew he needed my support and the support of the men from our church. Before the service, I drove our men to an undamaged restaurant for supper. We talked about the devastation we had seen, the 'uncanny presence of mind' the pastor who died had in his last moments, but not about attending the evening service. We didn't go.

During our week's labor, my pastor never asked me why I had missed the service. I never said a thing; to ashamed to admit that I had failed him and also kept our men from attending the service.

Tonight, God spoke directly to my imprisoned heart. He said, 'Now is the time to confess my sin of omission.' You didn't know it, but through you, He even gave me the exact 7 words to say! So, I did it and my pastor forgave me! I'll do the same with the other men this week. Rich had become Jesus' brother! For "Jesus said,my brothers are those who hear the Word of God and do it.": Luke 8:21 He also said, "Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and do it! Rich was blessed, so was his pastor and so was I to have seen it and then heard "The Rest of the Story!" Could I say we were all RICHLY Blessed!

Brothers and sisters of Jesus, thank you for allowing me to be in a Ministry that permits people to both hear and then DO God's Word. What a blessing.

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