UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity

June-June 2007 Monthly Letter

Dear Partner in Ministry,

"No greater joy can I have than this, to hear that my children follow the truth." 3 John 4

A certain mom and dad had two sons. They were two years apart. Both were different. The older was out-going; the young more reserved. Many years ago I baptised each.

One Sunday they appeared with their parents at a church where I was preaching. Fine looking young men. The pride of their parents. The out-going one was in a Christian leadership position at a local church. He introduced himself, highlighted his ministry, and excused himself to go fulfill his Sunday calling.

The younger stayed with his parent for the service. We visited briefly. I initiated most of the conversation. He quietly answered my inquiries. Always smiling as he did.

This family sat on the front pew. Following the sermon, I gave an opportunity for people to pray with me to receive Jesus as Savior OR as Lord if there was a need for renewal.

With heads bowed and eyes closed, people so led by the Holy Spirit prayed with me silently. Afterward, I asked those persons who prayed to raise their hands and heads as an outward sign of their inward heart's response.

Mr. Quiet, Reserved Son was the first to raise his hand and head, his face again accompanied with a big smile! As I approached him (an each other person with raised hand) to ask this question of confirmation: "Were you praying to receive Jesus as your Savior Or as your Lord?" He and each other person nodded their heads affimatively.

Following the service I asked him, "May I call you later today to talk about what the Lord was saying to you." "Yes," he responded. When we connected he indicated that Jesus was his Savior BUT that he had been drifting in his relationship with Him as Lord. He became extremely talkative as to the importance of the opportunity at the end of the sermon to act upon his heart felt need to reconnect with Jesus as Lord!

I remember him saying, "It was timely for me!" I felt led ask him, "Would you have done this if your brother was there? Probably not," he said. "I have often lived in his shadow. Today, I could stand on my own. That's why I knew God wanted me at that service."

Before I phoned, he had shared with his parents what transpired. They were thrilled! And stated to me, "We've always known where our other son is with the Lord. He is public. This son is private about his faith. We are blessed to now know for certain where he is."

Again the Scriptures describe it as: "No greater joy can I have than this to hear...." To God be the glory for His Divine timing and Divine appointment with this family!

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