UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity

January-February 2008

The past three weeks have been hard. My computer “crashed” and the company servicing it was moving. I understood but it was trying! The Spirit's way of teaching me patience. Ouch! This explains this letter's delay. Sorry!

Cynthia's letter came as a boost. I've entitled it: “How to receive a blessing!”

I want to thank you for the wonderful class you taught on Faith Sharing. The tools you gave us to introduce people to Christ are invaluable. I still say the ABC's every few days just to keep them fresh in my mind. What a simple way to present the Gospel.

I manage a condominium on Marco Island. One of the owners, Dick, a former Board Member, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor when I first started your class. I've known him for 10 years, put him on my “fishing list,” and began praying for him.

The doors started opening quickly and I found myself discussing the Lord with him in telephone conversations...just little bits at first. In the past, he has been the most arrogant, stubborn man I have ever met. He was a former airline pilot of 26 years--always in control, “right” in his judgment, demanding, and argumentative. To even imagine myself discussing the Lord with him is just nothing I could have fathomed. To my amazement, God kept providing opportunities to talk to him. It was incredible!

I had, as you taught, “earned his respect” through personal services our firm offers to those who lived out of state. His main home is in North Carolina. Now, the Lord used this history with him to show him that I genuinely cared about him and his illness. I sent cards to him and called him on occasion. My husband and I invited him to our home for meals when he was at Marco.

Through my praying and caring for him, I began to see the Holy Spirit soften his heart. I also expressed to God my fear in witnessing. I had never discussed Jesus Christ with anyone outside my family. I was taught that religion was a “private topic.” I kept praying the prayer you taught us, “Lord, I'm available. Give me your ability.”

To make a wonderful story short, Dick's physical health deteriorated rapidly. A pastor in his home town, whom I called and told him our story, visited him in the hospital and led Dick to receive Jesus as his Savior! YES! Soon afterwards, he was ushered into heaven! And the Lord actually used me in the process! I'm so excited! Thanks again for teaching us the FRIENDS biblical model of sharing our faith. It works! Cynthia

Paul says: “I share Christ...and in doing so I enjoy its blessings.” I Corinthians 9:23

Thank you, Partners, for you were a part of this process, too. Blessings to you.

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