UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity

April 2008 Monthly Letter

Luke 24:31 “And their eyes were opened; and they recognized Jesus..and they said...did not our hearts burn within us while He opened to us the Scriptures.”

This is the tale of 2 P.K.'s not Promise Keepers but Preachers' Kids!

One is 16 and the other is 56. Both live in Ohio. One in the north the other in the south.

Benjamin was at the Youth session where I always share the A.B.C.'s of the Gospel. A personal invitation to pray: “Father, I Admit I am sinner. Jesus, I Believe in You as my personal Savior. Holy Spirit, I ask You to Cause me to be born anew.” always follows. Fifteen teens prayed.

As I was leaving, Benjamin approached me and revealed that he was the son of one of the church's pastors. Since a small child he had heard all the Bible stories and knew many verses by heart. BUT that today during the prayer his “insides” were stirred like never before. He told me,“I can't describe it BUT my personal salvation was confirmed.”

Jonathan, who is the treasurer of his church, stated this to me as he gave me the check for the Weekend expenses:

“My father is a pastor. So is my sister. I've recited all the church creeds, confessions, and went through the Communicant's class and answered 'yes' to the question 'Is Jesus Christ your Savior and Lord.' What else was I supposed to do? My dad was the pastor of the church!

I even went forward at a Billy Graham crusade. BUT it was only to see if I could get the name of a cute blond girl who was also going forward!

Today something was happening to my heart when you led us in prayer to receive Jesus Christ personally. I believe I experienced a conversion! My heart is still fluttering! The Holy Spirit lit a fire in me!”

Thank you for allowing me to be a midwife-assisting the Spirit in new births.

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