UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity

September 2008 Monthly Letter

Dear Partners in "Up Lifting" others,

Recently a church invited me to lead a Saturday seminar on prayer. One of the sessions focused on praying the Scriptures for people going through difficult times. Each participant practiced praying such passages as 1 Peter 5:7 "Cast all your cares upon Jesus because He cares for you."

During the session, Sheila, a young mother began to sob. I felt the inner voice of the Holy Spirit saying, "stop and minister to her." I asked her to come up to the front where there was a 6' long table about 2' wide; to trust me; and to lie down on on the table on her back. She willingly obliged.

Then I asked those in the class to gather around the table and collectively to lift it up! It was quite a sight to behold! We began to pray the "caring passages" that were on the overhead screen, and to insert Shelia's name into each of them.

After we slowly lowered her down, she arose, and each of us hugged her. We all saw her grief turn into relief as the Holy Spirit gave His comfort, peace, and love. On Sunday, Sheila greeted me with a "thank you" and slipped me a note describing her situation. It was a horrendous account of her recent life.

In May, she discovered she was expecting their 4th child. In July, her husband had an alcoholic relapse. Then an OB appointment revealed that their baby at 15 weeks had no heartbeat. She miscarried that evening at home, losing half of her blood volume and almost her life.

In September, after a long recovery, Sheila took their 18 month old daughter for a regular check-up. She was horrified to learn from the doctor his suspicions of physical abuse that was confirmed by 2 other doctors. The night before, she went to her "first" ever Bible study, leaving her husband to put their 3 children to bed. Since then, he was removed from the home and they have had 2 hearings in court.

Two women in the church to whom she confided, brought her to the session. They, and now others from the prayer session, have become her support group. She stated, "For now I will be a single mom, my husband is still their dad, and the church is my caring family." This account of God's "up lifting" ministry to Sheila, happened because of you, your prayers, and enabling financial support. Thank you!

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