UpBuilding Men, Women, and Children in Practical Christianity

June 2009 Monthly Letter

Dear Partners in Ministry,

Another "Oh, by the way" God-cidence! I have been saving this story for the graduation-confirmation season. It happened some time ago during a Weekend at a country church.

There are normally two worship services at this church, but they decided to combine them into one because of the Weekend. Consequently, I had some free time between the early morning Leaders' session and the worship service.

The pastor approached me after the Leaders' session and said, "Oh by the way, would you be willing to speak to our communicant's class during this break. I know we hadn't planned for it but if you still have some energy, I would like for them to hear you." I consented.

On the spur of this moment, I felt led by the Spirit to share the A.B.C.'s of Christianity with the class. Attached with this email letter is a copy for you. Many of you are familiar with these because they were one of the methods taught to you during your H.E.L.P.E.R. training.

At the close of the class, I simply asked the questions indicated on the last sheet: "Does this verse describe Y-You? Have you ever with Z- Zeal prayed, "Jesus, I A-Admit I am a sinner; I put my B-Belief in You as my personal Savior; and I C-Claim Your forgiveness and that I am now a child of God according to Your Word? If not, do you desire to do so right now?"

Upon asking the communicants to bow their heads, close their eyes, and pray with me silently only if they had never done so, I slowly repeated the A.B.C. prayer. With their eyes still closed, I asked those who prayed to raise their hands as an indication of "an outward sign of an inward happening." Of the fifteen communicants in the room, how many of them would you guess raised their hands? The answer is found below, next to my signature! PTL!

Here are four responses of the teens I asked if this was really the 1st time they prayed:

"Yes, for me it was like you said, there is a difference in knowing a baseball player as a fan in the stands and as a personal friend. I feel like I now know Jesus as my personal Savior."

"Yes, the communicants' class has given me a Head knowledge of who Jesus is. Now I have a Heart knowledge of who He is."

"Yes, for me it was like 'falling in love' with Jesus after knowing Him as a good friend."

"Yes, I can't wait to tell my friend at school who has asked me if I knew Jesus as my personal Savior, BUT never told me HOW I could do it! Through the A.B.C. prayer, I did it!

Thank you for allowing me to follow the leading of the Spirit in such spontaneous times!

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