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November 2009 Monthly Letter

Dear Partners in Ministry,

Here is an email I just received. It is another "God-cidence."

Dear Pastor Rand,

Pastor Jeff Winter kindly gave me your email address so that I might send you a long over-due thank you. My name is Jill M. Two years ago this February, you were speaking at the Langhorne Presbyterian Church in Langhorne, PA. I believe you were doing some weekend speaking event and filling in for Pastor Jeff.

That morning I came in with my daughter, Mary. I debated whether I wanted to stay in the service or go into a quiet room and continue my own personal studies of the Bible. Since it is extremely rare for me to get a quiet time, I chose the latter. After dropping Mary off at Sunday School, I went to a vacated room, researching Scripture passages.

When it came time to leave, I had to go back to the sanctuary to deliver my offering to one of the ushers. Had I not needed to return, I would have missed out on one of God's greatest blessings for me that day!

The sanctuary was very crowded, but I managed to find an usher. As I was leaving, I felt someone touch my arm. It was you. You had told me that you had seen me come into the sanctuary before the service but then leave. When you saw me now, you excused yourself from a person you were talking to and said, "Excuse me, I have to go and talk to the woman in the red coat."

You told me that when you first saw me, you felt in your heart that you were to "Tell the woman in the red coat, Psalms 32:8." After explaining the Psalm, you said, "I believe God wanted me to tell you that 'His eye is upon you. I don't know what's going on in your life and I don't need to know. I am just seeking to be obedient to God and deliver this message to you. Go with the assurance that He is watching over you."

Well, after 2 years, I just wanted you to know how important that meeting was for me. And to think, I chose NOT to hear your sermon that day!

So many times, especially when I think about how scary the world is now, I think about that Psalm and find such peace in and with it. It was exactly what I need then and now!

I don't expect you to have remembered something that happened so long ago. I am very grateful to you for being obedient and doing what God put on your heart that day. It was a "Word in Due Season" for me! Thank you.

Sincerely from one God touched through you and the ministry that sent you here, Jill

Dear Parterns, His work goes on and on! To Him always goes the glory!

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